Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

Who's Line Is It Anyway?

Perfect for any corporate event, whether it’s online or live, The Dublin Comedy Improv never fail to impress.

Stay Safe! Stay Connected! Stay Festive!

Allow your employees or clients to relax and have a laugh, with a tailor-made show. No two shows are ever the same, as you call the shots!

With hilarious, fun games, The Dublin Comedy Improv navigate their way through an entire show, entirely based on your suggestions. Put simply: you make a suggestion, they make it funny, you laugh. Without a script, they ask their audience to provide them with a few suggestions and then they create an entire comedy show before your very eyes…

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Who's Line is It Anyway online

The Players

Ian Coppinger, Michelle Read, Joe Rooney, Kevin
Gildea, Paul Tylak, Sharon Manion, Danny Kehoe, Graeme Singleton

Past guests who have performed with them include:

Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson), Ardal O’ Hanlon, Dylan Moran, Adam Hills, Dermot Whelan, Stephen Frost, Rich Hall, Emo Philips, Phil Jupitus and Jason Byrne.

The Games

Literary Styles

The entire team will make up a story however you suggest the literary styles for each member. As they won’t have any idea what you are going to say, or when they will be picked on to speak, this is always a blast. Watch as the story switches from Shakespere to the Sun Newspaper to Mills and Boon! Not only that, but you get to suggest the topic of the story.

Emotions/Accents Game

One of our favourites. Two people act out a scene. At any point the host of our show will call out either an emotion or an accent, and the actors, while continuing the scene, have to switch to the new emotion or accent. Of course, all of the suggestions come from you, its our challenge to do it.


Quite simply, we create our own news show. You suggest the headlines, and we take it from there. Our news anchor will report on those headlines, consulting with reporters and experts. Always a laugh.

Genres Game

Similar in style to the Emotions/Accents game, however this time you get to suggest your favourite film, TV and theatre styles. Again its up to us to continue the scene in whatever style you suggest.


As simple as it sounds. Joe grabs his guitar and we make up a song.

Guessing games

During our live shows, we are able to send a player out of the room. We then gather some information from the audience. We then get that person back into the room, and by virtue of us giving them some clues, they have to guess exactly what you’ve suggested. This is always great fun as you can see the wheels turn.

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