3 great ways to onboard new employees

Whenever an employee joins your company, the experience should be special and memorable. The first day should feel welcoming and exciting to them. If you are wondering for some excellent tips to onboard employees with the warmth of your company’s value, we have got you covered. 

In this post, we will have a look at the top three great ways to onboard new employees and make their experience a memorable one. Whether you’re a startup or a growing company, these tips work excellently to make your company stand apart from the rest. 

Personalize the experience

It’s important that you should have some sort of personalization while onboarding the employees. As they are coming from another company to join a specific team, draw or write some interesting quotes from that related domain. Along with this, you can take their photograph and get it printed on a cake or take a printout and stick them on their desk. 

This kind of small but attractive personalization will make their onboarding a memorable event for all. Along with this, you can ask the existing team members to share some fun facts or stories with them that will make them feel more connected and excited. 

One thing that you need to understand is that bonding is very important and the welcoming experience should reflect it. Also, ensure that all the necessary accessories are present and are in-handy.

Have a welcome kit

Employee welcome kits are important and they make the new team members feel special and a part of the family. Whether they are coming from other companies or starting their career with you, it’s important that all have the same experience. To make it seamless for you, have the same welcome kit so that all can use it to the fullest. 

There are many good websites like easygift.ie that bring you the widest range of employee welcome kits that are fit for your company. Pick a welcome kit that will bring more productivity to all your team members and it will make it good to receive. Along with giving employee kits, you can also give some fitness accessories to help them stay fit and track their fitness. 

Involve leaders

When new members join, it’s important that they meet the senior leaders of the team to understand the core values and mission of the company. Interacting with the company’s leaders makes them feel like prominent players in the company. 

Leaders’ involvement usually signals to the new team members that they are appreciated and that they will have a strong connection with the directors and managers who make important decisions within the company. It directly impacts the long-term goals of the new team member and its results bring higher employee engagement and retention rates. 

Final thoughts

Try these three tips and make the onboarding experience more prominent and valuable for the new team members. Get the best employee welcome kits to bring a surprise that will make their day and make it more memorable. 

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