6 Trending Halloween Themes for Work Events

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and centring your Halloween company party around a specific theme has become a popular way to celebrate the holiday. Companies are finding new ways to put their own twist on Halloween themes for their corporate events. However, if your team likes to stay on top of what’s trending, these 6 Halloween themes for work might just be right down their alley. 

1 LED Glow Casino

If you want to throw a Halloween party that really brightens up the room, this is the theme for you. The LED glow casino with blackjack, poker and roulette will be a sure hit! You can also add some scary Halloween-themed prizes to give your guests something to strive for. Don’t be afraid to get creative here and add your own twists. Perhaps your team are fancy dress lovers, and would love to arrive in costume? If so, simply add a costume contest to the casino night to really enhance the creep factor. Or, why not keep your guests hydrated with some Halloween-inspired drinks while they splash their fun money on traditional casino games? 

2 Halloween Carnival Night

Halloween Carnival Night is the theme for a fun-filled party. You can decorate with balloons, streamers and confetti, and play games like bobbing for apples, shooting water pistols and pin the tail on the donkey. However, if you want to kick this theme up a notch, and really impress your coworkers and their families, you could hire Halloween carnival stalls. With staff decked out in boater hats and dickie bows, and carnival games that will have you hooked, your team’s carnival night just got real!

If your company has planned to organise a family-friendly Halloween event this year, a carnival night team can easily be adapted to be suitable for children. Why not keep the little ones entertained by adding some thrill to your carnival night? Fairground rides are always a big hit, and make for a Halloween party to remember.

3 Wild West

The Wild West is a popular theme as it’s an energetic, festive and fun environment. This theme will get your team in the mood to party as they come head to toe to cowboy hats, boots and bandanas.

A great way to incorporate this theme is by having everyone bring photos of themselves dressed up as cowboys or cowgirls (or both) for a photo booth backdrop that adds some personality to your party space! Another option is to use greenscreen photography to really bring the theme to life.

For Wild West themed food, you can’t go wrong with traditional Western food like BBQ chicken wings served on sticks and tacos made from soft tortillas filled with ground beef or shredded chicken. Your coworkers will appreciate the spread after they have taken part in games like the Bucking Bronco Rodeo, Last Chance Saloon Casino, Lasso Throwing, and Cows Milking challenges.

Adding some entertainment to the event will transport your work team back to the 19th century as they enjoy country and Western line dancers (yep, your guests will need their dancing shoes!)

4 Superheroes

Superheroes are becoming increasingly popular for Halloween, and they’re a great theme for children. Superhero costumes can be bought or made at home, and they usually involve capes and masks, so, start to dig out the crayons! 

There are many options available to you if superheroes is a theme you want to explore. Of course, because this is a Halloween event, you may not want to forget about villains too! Hiring a professional makeup and special FX artist will really excite the kiddies, as they are transformed into their favourite characters. You could also hire actors to come as Superman, or maybe, in this case, Robin! Adding a greenscreen for photos with the superheroes will allow the kids to really get into the theme as they fight crime with their favourite heroes.

Attention to detail is what’s going to set your superhero party apart. Getting details right goes a long way, so focusing on themed food, music and costumes is going to be a big hit with everyone!

5 Back to the 80s

Has your team come down with disco fever? It’s time for an 80’s Halloween rewind party! Your coworkers will love being taken back to great memories of their childhood or teenage years. And as for your Gen Z team members, well, they won’t say no to a TikTok or Be Real op! 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, perhaps try some of these ideas:

  • Dress up as Madonna, or another influential icon from the 80s
  • Have everyone wear a wig, big earrings and brightly coloured clothing
  • Play some music from the 80s (if you can get your hands on CDs or Spotify)
  • Get competitive with some vintage arcade games from the 80s. Your team will love reliving their youth with games such as Pac-Man, Street Fighter and Donkey Kong!

Having the right props and decor is going to really help your party to be authentic, and super fun. Don’t forget to consider factors like metallic or neon pod tables, fringe curtains, oversized posters and novelty items. Get creative and enjoy being back in the 80s for one night only!

6 Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade Ball is a fun theme for a Halloween party and can be used for office events or any other function that requires a formal dress code. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking to host a cocktail or dinner event, as the all-black dress code makes it easy for guests to look fashionable without having to worry about coordinating their outfits. If your company wants to highlight its history or some of its products, try hosting an event in which employees wear costumes in keeping with the theme – this is also a perfect opportunity for Halloween!

Why not go all-out and hire a live band to provide entertainment for the night? Or really get the fun going by having an interactive renaissance fair. This Halloween theme for your work event is going to be enjoyed by all, because who doesn’t love an elegant Masquerade night!?


These 6 trending Halloween themes for work events should hopefully, help you and your party planning committee to create a party to remember! Do you want to explore any of the themes above or create a bespoke Halloween party package? 

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