Online vs In-person Which Corporate Event Should I plan?

Socializing is an important cultural aspect of our daily lives. However, with Covid, this equation has changed and that has vastly affected the way we interact. Workplaces due to Covid were pushed to Work From Home (WFH).

Now with the situation improving, we can expect to see employees coming back to the office, and with this comes the office events. But are in-office events safe yet? Should we still focus on online events due to safety concerns?

If you have these questions in your head, this blog will try to answer these queries and therefore, help you in making a sound decision. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Corporate Events 


  • In times of Covid, this is the safest option you have. This way you can host events without inviting danger.
  • Online events are cost-efficient. 
  • You can get very creative with event ideas (see ideas here)


  • Online events can’t capture the same human touch as an in-person event.  The lack of physical presence can compromise the quality of an event. 
  • There’s less scope for after-event interaction. Even if it does exist, the wow factor remains dormant due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of In-Personal Events


  • People can build new prospects, connect with professionals, and treasure all that an exciting event has to offer. 
  • After event activities can also be utilized, if required, as with face-to-face interaction it’s a better opportunity to interact and build relations. 


  • With Covid, the in-office event can become a quick Covid spreader. 
  • In-office events are also expensive, so do take a hard look at your expenses before you plan anything fancy. 

The Services We Offer

We at Fusion Events, take great pride in organizing both online and offline events. Whatever your need might be, we have the essential services, some of which are listed below:

  • We have the force that can help you with 360-degree event management. This includes deciding the venue, food, and infrastructure that you require for hosting a successful event. 
  • If you require entertainment for your professional cards, we have that too at our disposal. We are in touch with the biggest of performers that you can hire with us for your professional events. 
  • Technical aspects of an event are equally crucial. We take care of the speaker management and the necessary equipments that you may require for an effective conference. 

Our Work So Far

At Fusion Events, we have successfully managed in-person as well as online events with extraordinary remarks from your clients. From online Pride events to in-person conferencing, we have covered it all.

Here’s one of your happy clients for a summer beach event, “We were delighted with the service in the lead up and on the day. The place looked great and everyone had a really memorable and enjoyable experience. We would definitely recommend Fusion Events”- Hertz Ireland. 


Online and in-person events both are reasonable depending on what you require and expect from an event. For a more personal event, it’s advisable to go for an in-person event. If it can be organized online, take this approach to be on the safe side.

In the end, it all boils down to the intention and purpose of an event and you should decide accordingly.