Carnival Team Challenge

Carnival Team Challenge

Our Carnival Team Challenge is the ideal opportunity for your staff to have an unforgettable day of Team Building fun whilst participating in a traditional carnival setting.

Given tokens to take part, teams bet against each other to compete in different carnival games over the course of 2 hours. ​

The games are a mixture of skill, coordination and nostalgia all played against the clock.

10 Games to choose from:

  • Buckin’ Bronco Ride​
  • Football Hotshot​
  • Hook A Duck​
  • Rifle Range​
  • Dart A Card​
  • Golf Challenge​
  • Hoopla​
  • Smash A Can​
  • Test Your Strength​
  • Juggling Challenge​

Best booked for

  • Social Gatherings
  • Corporate Events​
  • Experiential Events
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Summer BBQs