Grab a Grand Dinner Show

Grab a Grand Dinner Show

Why not try your luck in our cash Grab a Grand Machine. Relive classic moments from Game Show favourites as you battle against the clock to grab the most “fun money”!​

You have 30 seconds to grab as much fun money as you can…putting it wherever you can ​

Who ever has collected the most money is the BIG winner!​

Show Format

  1. Guests receive a contestant ticket either on arrival or at their seat in the venue.​
  2. Our Show Host and Assistants will welcome guests and start the showcase. Contestants will be decided by raffle and invited to take part in the Grab a Grand Show Case. We will total the amount of “fun money” collected to determine a winner!​
  3. Contestants are invited back to stage and prizes are presented – we can suggest different formats for prize giving which enhance the atmosphere and add to the excitement.​
  4. When the Grab a Grand Show Piece is Complete, the Show Host will introduce the next part of the evening’s entertainment.​


The Grab a Grand can be fitted with your very own brand, logo or message on in the inside panel.

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