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Mobile Escape Room

We bring the fun directly to you!

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A fun and collaborative way to spend an afternoon or evening in or out of the office!

Our Mobile Escape Rooms are inflatable and lit inside with LED lights in a variety of colours and modes. We can set up in under 30 minutes at an indoor or outdoor location. Teams of 6 people will enter the room and immediately be handcuffed inside – don’t worry we have a key for any emergencies! Once inside you will need to solve a series of puzzles, locks and clues to escape within the time frame.

They can be run as a stand-alone event in your office canteen or foyer with company leaderboards and more or as part of your pre-existing Summer or Christmas events!

Mobile Escape Room
Team having fun in Mobile Escape Room

How It Works

We have 4 rooms available and each room can take up to 6 guests at a time!

  • Our experienced staff sets the game, explains the rules to the group and starts the countdown clock. Each guest is handcuffed to our purpose built light box and have 15 minutes to escape the room!
  • Solve a range of puzzles and locks to Escape.
  • Can be customised to suit corporate, family and children events.
  • We travel anywhere and can set up in under 30 minutes! Our purpose built room works indoor and outdoors.
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Each Escape Activity:
15 minutes

Team having fun in Mobile Escape Room
Mobile Escape Room
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