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Music Bingo
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Keep your colleagues & friends engaged, interactive and upbeat!

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Everybody knows Bingo and everybody loves music! Music Bingo combines both!

No more numbers – numbers are replaced with popular music clips.

The game is designed to entertain guests with a broad range of tastes. With game tips shown on the screens, customised selection of songs and branding available – anyone can play and win!​

Staff having fun at Music bingo event
Music Bingo event

How It Works

  1. The game is presented on a screen with a high quality sound system.
  2. Up to 4 games played over a 2 hour period​
  3. Players mark off songs as they arise with the aim of completed the card
  4. Winning players are those who complete their cards first
  5. There’s lots of time for dancing and singing as favourite tracks are played
Carrie at Music Bingo
Fun at Music Bingo
Carrie at Music Bingo

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