Stars Group – Series of Online Global Interactive Events

Stars Group – Series of Online Global Interactive Events

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The Brief

Fusion Events has worked with The Stars Group, a multinational gaming organisation with over four and a half thousand employees, for several years on live corporate events. Their employees enjoy a full annual events calendar. Covid-19 safety measures meant that live events were restricted therefore the organisation had to reconsider employee engagement, particularly to reinforce cohesiveness in international teams.

Having tried other online options with little success, The Stars Group sought solutions from Fusion Events to ensure a sufficient level of staff interaction was achieved. The engagement needed to be fun, competitive,safe and observant of restrictions but reconnect colleagues and reinforce work relationships in an accessible environment.

The Approach

Fusion Events had pivoted their business in response to the pandemic and had invested heavily in a fully equipped TV quality broadcast media studio. With dedicated fibre wire internet, Green Screen facilities and high-end production hardware, clients can broadcast to their platform of choice. Fusion Events also developed a suite of interactive team event products to complement the studio and believed that live streaming one of these would best meet the requirements of the Client. They are all family friendly so suitable for the home environment, stimulating to encourage participation and are great fun, ensuring engagement. The Client chose “Online Digi Quiz Game Show”, an interactive buzzer quiz where fastest fingers win.

As an online gaming company, staff are highly technical however the event needed to be accessible to all staff so whilst the tech required was state-of-the-art to ensure a seamless delivery; it was simplified for mass usage. Using familiar video conferencing and reliable partner apps made it easy for staff to participate, interact with each other and play the game. Implementing a chat function meant that colleagues could speak to each other freely throughout the event and the interactive host brought colleagues into the event live making sure that engagement was a key deliverable.

Fusion wokring on Star Group event
Cups at Digi Quiz
Playing the Fusion Digi Quiz

The Result

The Client was very happy with the level and nature of engagement achieved. Subsequently they booked a series of similar events based on the success of the first. The Client commented that the event was the best that they had online, prior to and after the lockdown period. Engagement continues to be high and very positive.

“The event delivered by Fusion Events was exceptional and we continue to work with the team there to deliver events that bring colleagues from all our global locations together to interact and virtually connect. We’ve done the quiz a number of times now and the community atmosphere it’s provided for staff is second to none in the current work climate.”

– Stars Group