Team Treasure Hunt

Team Treasure Hunt

A fun and active way to take in the sights and sounds of your Fair City.

Utilising a wide range of skills, participants locate a variety of interesting items along the way.

The teams will also have to answer questions, solve riddles, and complete fun tasks such as mobile phone challenges, and interaction with character actors for maximum points. The event ends with a finale where, the winners get a prize and bragging rights and last place…well just gets the wooden spoon!​

How it Works

  • Teams names are decided
  • Each team gets a laminated Map with locations numbered, Clip Board, Pens and Clues​
  • Our facilitator, explains all and sets the teams off​
  • Treasure hunt can include information about your company, clients, staff or even an individual​
  • Teams return to venue for results

Best Booked for

  • Team Building
  • Corporate Events​
  • Experiential Events ​
  • Private Events​
  • Destination Management

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