TetraZone Team Challenge

TetraZone Team Challenge

A range of fun, high energy challenges will test the competitors Agility, Mental Ability, Speed, Problem Solving and Responsiveness.

Step into our TetraZone area and compete against one another or the clock. Each pod station has an individual game which will challenge your skillset and ability in different ways.

Easily incorporated into any event, the TetraZone Team Challenge is a great way to keep your staff or guests entertained, motivated, and thinking on their feet. The only question is, have they got what it takes?

Cube Team building

Full Selection Of Games Available

  • Tower Block
  • Balance Tray
  • Balance Rail
  • Speed Tunnel
  • Game of Aim
  • Sort it Out
  • Blind Ball
duration icon

90 min session

5 – 6 games to compete against
(20 – 80 people)

90 min – 2.5 hour session

8 – 10 games to compete against
(20 – 160 people)

“My colleagues said they had a ball! And from the looks of these photos they were right. Thanks for sending these along – it’s a bonus from you guys! I can’t wait to share them with the team!

Thanks again for a great job. And if we’re ever in Dublin again, I’ll be sure to have Fusion plan my events. I’ll also pass along your info to other teams who might have plans to be in Dublin in case they’re looking for some fun events.”

– Marcia Ward

“The event was wonderful, thank you so much, especially as it was so last minute.

The two lads doing the set up and running the event were great, and everything ran to the exact time, which is always wonderful.

The team really enjoyed the challenges and the feedback was excellent.”

– Autofulfil

Playing the Cube Team Building game
The Cube Team Building game setup
Team Building Events