8 Best Virtual Business Event Ideas

Virtual events have recently seen a surge in popularity across the globe and are proving to be a big opportunity for businesses moving forward. Not only are they just as exciting and engaging as an event in person, but the organisers can also bring together a large attendance. While we are all practicing social distancing, virtual events are ideal for many businesses to come together in the comfort and safety of their own home. To help ensure your virtual event runs smoothly, here are 8 of the best virtual business event ideas for your upcoming event or future business events.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an organised event that takes place online rather than in a physical inside location. These events can range from small cocktail-making shows to large-scale quiz shows with thousands of participants attending. Most large corporate businesses aim to do something different every year with fun and exciting events always coming up. Hosting a virtual event is more cost-effective and easier than ever as there is so much technology and software available to help you. No matter where you are in the world, a virtual event has great benefits for everyone attending. As technology and the internet become more affordable, the future of human-to-human interaction will become more remote-centric.

Online Digi Quiz Game Show

Fusion’s Online Digi Quiz Game Show is ideal for your next corporate business event. A Digi quiz game show is an online action-packed team-building experience with deluxe trivia quiz show questions and professional live hosting from an MC host. It is a totally fun-filled night from start to finish! The quiz can link all business members no matter where their location is. Up to 2,000 people and teams can play live straight from the comfort of their own home. The questions will be presented on the screen in front of you and you then answer them through your chosen device. There are up to 2 hours of fun questions, videos, and customised rounds.

Online Virtual Digi Quiz Event

Name the Song

Name the song is a long-term favourite team-building virtual game. Whether you pick the 70s, 80s or 90s music, everyone at home can put their knowledge of their favourite artists and songs to test with a virtual name the song night. An interactive host will welcome the guests, introduce the game, the categories, and deliver the scores. The event will be live-streamed on a streaming platform such as zoom. An online buzzer will provide an authentic experience for everyone. It is a fun and energetic battle game where everyone will have a lot of fun and a great laugh.

Virtual Casino Party

Get ready to go all-in with a virtual casino experience. By using a live table, a dealer, and the latest technology, you can create a fun filled casino party that everyone will enjoy. From blackjack to poker, and roulette, all of these casino games are great for connecting and networking guests via live streaming in their homes. Remotely play with work colleagues, friends, and clients while interacting with a live dealer. Customised logos and graphics will add that personal touch to your virtual casino party. This event can be streamed through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform. Every player will have an exact amount of chips each. They can choose the table of their choice and can move to another game during the event, depending on preference. You can arrange different group sizes and fun casino themes to suit your requirements.

Wine and Food Tasting Party

A virtual food and wine tasting experience is a great way to bring groups of work colleagues and friends together for a shared social wine and food tasting. The event planner will organise a live stream sommelier to guide you through the basic process of how to make wine and then will move onto tasting different wines. Each house will have 3 bottles of wine to taste along with a wine tasting chart. The food would generally include some small nibbles such as cheese and grapes. The duration of the event is between 1-2 hours. On the event day, you can enjoy a professionally produced virtual online event that is educational, interactive, and engaging for everyone.

Virtual Talent Show

We are all familiar with the voice, Britain’s got talent, dancing with the stars, and more. An online talent show from your home is a great way of getting everyone connected and having great fun. A staff team talent show is the perfect way to see another side of your work colleagues that you have never seen before! Even the shyest of people will enter the show. Each member of staff will be given the opportunity to play an instrument, sing a song, perform a dance, and even recite a poem. The team can enjoy the healthy and safe competition from their own homes. The show can be hosted on platforms such as Zoom and even have a judging panel to choose the winning performers. At Fusion, we even run our very own Virtually Talented show!

Girl singing at Virtually Talented Online Team Event

Magic Show or Mentalist

Mentalism and magic are two forms of entertainment that effortlessly translate from live to virtual without losing any impact. A magician or mentalist can present mind-blowing magic allowing the participants to experience the thrill of an interactive magical experience. Hiring a magician or mentalist will provide fun, amazing, and highly interactive Zoom entertainment for all colleagues to enjoy from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The event organiser will hire a mentalist or a magician to perform tricks and psychological illusions to get the audience watching involved. Generally, the show lasts between 30-45 minutes depending on your needs. This event is very interactive and lots of fun.

Carl Campbell Magician

Comedy Show

Are you looking for some lighthearted entertainment? Enjoy an evening in fits of laughter with some fun and engaging comedy shared with your business work colleagues and friends. Virtual comedians can help relieve stress, bring people together, and improve team morale. Laughing makes you feel good and is fun to enjoy this experience with your work colleagues. Treat your staff to a virtual comedy show to help them to build positive work relationships. The comedy show can be performed on almost any platform including Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. Pick a time that would suit everyone and don’t forget to get the drinks and snacks ready! Virtual comedy is suitable for up to 2,000 people. Each comedy show can feature up to 12 comedians.

Virtual Cocktail Making Classes

Virtual cocktail-making classes are so popular and trendy that your staff will be talking about the event for months after. Treat your staff to a wonderful night making delicious cocktails like a pro. Cocktail-making classes are fun, engaging, and an inclusive virtual experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. The organiser of the event will hire a professional and trained mixologist to guide you through the cocktail-making process. The event will be hosted on a platform like Zoom and generally lasts from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Prior to the event, every participant will receive a cocktail-making kit which will include everything you need to make the cocktails, including the drinks. Non-alcoholic kits are also available. Some popular cocktails include Porn Star Martini, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour, and more. The event will also include a brief history of spirits and fun and quirky facts about cocktails. Each participant will need a laptop or desktop, speakers, a smartphone/tablet, and WIFI access. Cocktail making is educational and great craic at the same time!

Fusion Events Cocktail Masterclass live
BrianApril 6, 2021