8 Corporate Team Building Ideas

Team building is not just a cliché – it’s very important in the corporate world. It builds unity, cohesiveness and ultimately productivity. Here at Fusion, we have built a reputation for hosting interesting and interactive team building events all over Ireland. You’ve worked too hard to go on another lame corporate retreat so our events are designed to bring teams together and have fun along the way.

Check out these 8 ideas for summer corporate team building activities that are sure to get your group working together in ways they never knew they could. You’ll be surprised how easily one of these activities can make a good team great, or a great team even better!

Indoor Events

Millionaire Challenge

Our Millionaire Challenge is an ideal opportunity for your staff to have some unforgettable fun whilst taking part in a very competitive but fun challenge.

Participants can be divided into teams or play individually. A total of 1 million (fake) dollars are divided in tokens between players. Teams/individuals then compete against each other, using their tokens to buy into games, in a range of interactive activities over the course of 2 hours. The team at the end who has won the most tokens will be the Millionaire Champions!

Some of the different collaborative games include Bomb Blaster Challenge, Wheel of Fortune, Foosball Tables, Super Giant Jenga, Table Tennis, Basketball Shootout and loads more.

Cocktail Making Masterclass

Who doesn’t love a good Cocktail? Make your team building event one remember with our fun and interactive Cocktail Making Masterclass! Learn how to craft a mojito or shake up a Singapore Sling with our Master Mixologist and acquire the tricks of the trade-in making delicious yet strangely named beverages!

Not only is this activity delicious, but it challenges memory, coordination and step by step processing skills in the production of drinkable works of art. It’s simply delicious fun!

We bring the full bar to you. Our engaging mixologists work with groups of up to 20 guests at 30-minute intervals. Teams are shown how to make a “Shaken” and a “Built” cocktail and then try themselves. Participants compete for the title of best “Trainee Mixologist”.

Drum For Fun

Connect with one anther through music with a Celtic Drumming Workshop. This interactive activity will have your group working cohesively like never before! Guests are given a background to Celtic Music, are taught basic beats and then given Bodhrans (traditional Irish handheld drums) – that’s when the real fun begins! Everyone contributes a different beat to the overall rhythm in true team style, then combined with games, activities and even dancing, your colleagues will be working together in full fun harmony complete with breaks, and solos performed within the group!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Our team of experienced Murder Mystery entertainers have been creating memorable events for over 25 years and can help you bring back some of that school spirit by organizing an interactive murder mystery dinner that is sure to be an eventful night. Your guests will be divided into teams who must work together to solve clues left behind by the killer while also trying not to get caught up in their investigation as well. The goal? Identify “who did it” before it’s too late! So gather up your co-workers and see if they have what it takes because they’re going to need all hands on deck when there’s no telling who might wind up dead next…

Your group will never forget the fun they had solving this murder! This is one of our favourites because we use a unique combination of improvisational comedy and audience participation. Murder Mystery Dinners are perfect for improving team communication skills and building stronger relationships with each other.

Outdoor Events

It’s a Knockout Challenge

The It’s Knockout challenge is a great opportunity to build relationships, and most importantly, have fun. In this event, you’ll be divided into teams who will then compete against each other in different games over 2 hours. The games are a mixture of team and relay races, all played against the clock. All games are challenging but fantastic fun and incite a dose of healthy competition.

At its core, the It’s Knockout Challenge is about cohesiveness, communication skills, and promoting physical and mental well-being. Some of the games you can expect include Human Foosball Inflatable, Bungee Run Inflatable, Obstacle Course Inflatable, Rodeo Bull, Trackerpillar, 6 Leg Trouser Race, Old School Sports Day Relay and many more exciting activities!

Old School Sports Day

Sometimes it’s best to go old school and keep things simple. We’re bringing back the old school sports day with a creative twist that will get your team working together to conquer new challenges.

Our tailor-made events are designed to complement your team’s unique abilities and help your group build better relationships and develop new skills for success. Whether you want to improve your team’s ability to work together or just have a few hours of fun, our events will utilize each participant’s energy, creativity, and commitment to the task at hand.

We know how hard it is to find an event that’s both energetic and inclusive. A sports day is a fun, competitive event designed to encourage individual abilities while bringing out the best of your team’s skillsets. And the best part? It’s perfect for teams of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Carnival Team Challenge

The Carnival Team Challenge is the perfect opportunity to get your staff out of the office, away from their desks, and into a fun carnival-themed team-building bonding experience.

The Carnival Team Challenge works like this: You tell us how many people are on your team, and we give you tokens that you can use to compete against other teams in a variety of classic carnival games, including Buckin’ Bronco Ride, Football Hotshot, Hook a Duck, Rifle Range, Dart A Card and more. The games are a mixture of skill and coordination challenges that will push your team’s problem-solving abilities to their limits.

At Fusion, we try to make everything an adventure! That’s why we created the Carnival Team Challenge. We wanted to give you another way to come together as a team and work together to find solutions in unfamiliar terrain. Plus its just plain old FUN!

Krypton Factor

Are you ready to test your team’s ability to work together?

The Krypton Factor is a great way to see how your company’s best and brightest can use their skills to collectively solve problems. Whether you want to challenge your employees’ physical or cerebral abilities or both, our Krypton Factor events are designed for teams of all sizes and skill levels. Each team will compete against each other to complete a series of challenges, but real team building happens when you watch your teammates work together to reach the finish line.

Some of our Krypton Factor events include:

-Maze Trap: Work together in this true-to-name challenge that pits your team against our maze of traps. This event is perfect for testing your ability to react quickly and think on your feet.

-Tower of Babylon: Test your team’s problem-solving skills by working together to build the highest tower possible without knocking it down. This challenge is great for fine-tuning communication skills and strengthening trust between coworkers.

-Land Skis: This event will put your physical stamina and mental endurance to the test as you work together to traverse a field of land skis! It’ll be very difficult, but we promise it’ll be very fun too!

You can find the full list of events on the our website.

Planning and executing corporate team building events can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for activities that will get everyone fired up and engaged, remember to make them exciting. The ideas here only scratch the surface of what you can do – but they all show that there’s no reason why your team building events should be any less fun than a weekend away with friends.

If you want help putting together an extraordinary team-building event for your team reach out to us here at Fusion events, we would love to help.

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