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Table Top Escape Room

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Assemble your team and pit your wits against arch villain, Professor Payne!

Each team must work together to crack the codes and puzzles set before them in the Table Top Escape Game.

Can you gain access to his locked case, discover his evil plans and prevent catastrophe befalling Dublin?

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How It Works

  • Teams of six people will each be given a flight case.
  • 5 puzzle paths using a range of items such as molecules, periodic tables, blackmail letters & ransom notes.
  • 25 individual puzzles available.
  • Players must firstly open the box, using only clues on the box.
  • Once inside, there are a range of puzzles, locks and brainteasers to complete. They will need to work together to get solve everything. The aim is to unlock as many code breakers as possible.
  • The teams must then crack the code to the safe.
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Event Duration: 60-90 minutes