Virtual Conferencing

Virtual Conferencing

A virtual venue for online events

Fusion Events delivers a single solution for delivering a full virtual conference experience

Create, build and manage your virtual, in-person and hybrid events all within our engaging platform.

  • High Quality Live Streaming
  • Roundtables & Breakout rooms
  • Effective Networking and 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Virtual Expo Area for Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Parallel Sessions & Individual Agenda
  • Integration Opportunities: Studio/OBS and Ticketing/CRM Systems Integration
Panel Discussion Stream

Panel Discussion Stream

Integrate studio stream to the platform

Integrate studio stream to the platform

Virtual Conferences & Summits

Create educational Webinars, Interactive Roundtables, Valuable Networking Events – dream and imagine!

Customised For Your Event

With built-in features and inbound and outbound integration opportunities, the Fusion Event Management Platform can be customised to any needs!

  • Ticketing / CRM systems
  • Studio integrations with RTMP / OBS
  • Streaming out to other platforms like Facebook and / or YouTube
  • Connecting websites with Widget code

Unlimited Sessions

Parallel Sessions, Roundtables, Breakout rooms, Interactive Sessions, Webinars and more.

Extraordinary attendee experience

Fusion provides a powerful attendee engagement tool with comprehensive networking functionalities allowing you to connect with a global audience.

  • Pre-booking meetings
  • Individual Agenda
  • Private Chat
  • Matchmaking Algorithm
  • Private 1-on-1 Meetings & Notifications

All your event management located in one place

Real Time
Online Analytics

Speaker & Program Management

Email Communication

Virtual Booth