Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop

Option One: Live Workplace Comedy Show

  • 45-Minute Comedy Show in your workspace.
  • 3x headlining professional Performers.
  • All corporate friendly material.
  • All sound, staging & lighting included for up to 250 people
  • 20-minute set up and take down time

The ultimate morale boosting event for your staff!

A great option for a company fundraiser, in-house product launch or end of quarter celebration.

Option Two: Corporate Workshops in Comedy and Communication

  • The ultimate fun, team building and upskilling event your staff will ever do!
  • A workshop insuring a perfect sales pitch or presentation every single time.
  • Developing your staffs presentation and sales skills with stage techniques to reach their maximum potential with three professional performers.
  • All sound, staging & lighting included.
  • 20-minute set up and take down time.

In a relaxed and really fun environment, our team of professional comedians share the secrets to mastering stage presentations and refining your communication skills to build better relationships with your clients and to ensure the perfect sales pitch every single time.

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Packages available from

9:00am – 17:00pm

Days Available

Monday – Thursday only

Workplace Comedy Show Workshop
Workplace Comedy Show Workshop