Three Unmissable Entertainment Options for RAG Week 2024: Perfect for Student Unions and Venues

Attention Student Unions and Venue Managers! RAG Week 2024 is on the horizon, and it’s time to start planning those unforgettable events that students will love. This year, why not elevate your RAG Week festivities with some of the most engaging and entertaining events out there?

We’ve got you covered with “Take Me Out,” “Drag Music Bingo,” and “The Big College Fun Quiz” – each guaranteed to draw a crowd and make a splash!


1. Take Me Out: A Modern Twist on Dating Games

Spice up RAG Week with the ultimate social mixer, “Take Me Out.” This event is perfect for getting students laughing, mingling, and maybe even matchmaking! It’s a fresh take on the dating game show format that’s both entertaining and engaging. Ideal for creating a buzz on campus, this event will be the talk of the week.

Book “Take Me Out” for RAG Week and watch the magic unfold.


2. Drag Music Bingo: An Extravaganza of Fun

Step up the fun with “Drag Music Bingo,” a fabulous fusion of classic bingo and drag queen glamour. This event offers not just a game, but a show-stopping performance that will have everyone talking. It’s inclusive, high-energy, and just what you need for a successful RAG Week event.

Reserve your date for “Drag Music Bingo” now and give your students a night to remember!


3. The Big College Fun Quiz: Trivia Like Never Before

Inject some friendly competition into RAG Week with “The Big College Fun Quiz.” This isn’t just any quiz – it’s a dynamic, interactive, and totally engaging event that challenges students in the most entertaining way. Covering various topics, it’s a fantastic way to get students teamed up and excited. Make sure your RAG Week includes this crowd-pleaser.

Secure “The Big College Fun Quiz” for your event lineup today!



These three events are tailor-made for RAG Week success. They’re not just fun; they’re an opportunity to bring students together for a good cause. Make your RAG Week 2024 stand out with these top-notch entertainment choices.

For bookings and inquiries, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Let’s make RAG Week 2024 the best one yet!