3 Entertaining Corporate Event Ideas Your Employees Will Love

The key to retaining employees and keeping them happy is giving them a sense of belonging and creating a company culture that does that.

So how can you do that as a company?

Hosting corporate events is one way to keep your employees happy and engaged. Need a corporate event idea? Here are three that your employees will be sure to love!

1. Have an Entertaining Outing

When it comes to entertaining your employees, you don’t have to do a ton of event planning to keep them happy. Instead, you can choose a space that has its own fun events.

For instance, your employees may love to go axe throwing. There’s no planning involved other than securing the space for the number of employees you have. And once there, your entertainment is already secured.

The same goes for simply going to a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant. Not only are you supporting local businesses, but you are also giving employees a space to cool down and relax after a long and hard week at work.

2. Host a Gala or Ball 

You can host a gala or a ball for corporate events at any time of the year. You can host one just because, or you may want to host a gala every year around the holidays. Either way, this can improve company culture by bringing everyone together for a large event with food, drinks, and entertainment that they will all love.

The gala can be a simple event or it can be an event with a theme.

If you choose to host a gala with a theme, you can make it more of an “event” than just a ball. This means there would be more activities.

For instance, you could host a 1920’s Great Gatsby-themed gala where all attendees become a part of the 20s. This includes cocktail making for the attendees, a potential Photo Booth, and more! Getting a package with it all will make the planning easier on you.

You could also consider going another route with an 80s night party.

3. Create a Workshop

If you are looking to create a more tight-knit community at work, one way to do that is to host more workshops for employees to attend. If these are during the workday, these can also be a great way to help employees de-stress and be more productive. 

Consider hosting a plant workshop, a cooking workshop, or even an organizational workshop. You could even do a series of workshops over the course of a month!

Choose a Corporate Event Idea

If you need a corporate event idea for event planning, choosing one of these ideas will be sure to be a hit with your employees.

If not everyone is back in person yet, you could even consider hiring us to help you out with a virtual event for your employees!

Contact us today so we can get started.