The Best Ways to Engage Staff Online

Working from home has recently become the new normal for many businesses. Many companies are now looking for ways to create a virtual workplace culture for their remote teams. During the pandemic, employers were flocking to do Zoom video calls to keep face-to-face interaction alive. Staff are now changing the way they work and communicate. Keeping your staff engaged can sometimes be a challenge. To help you communicate and engage with them effectively, here are some of the best ways to engage staff online.

Communicate and Check in on a Regular Basis

Communication and regular check ins with your staff are a must, even more so when working remotely from home. Regular check-ins will make sure that all employees are on the same page regarding their work duties. These regular meetings and check-ins will create a sense of togetherness and interaction. The best method is to have department or daily team check-ins, weekly coordination meetings, and monthly all-hands on meetings. These meetings can be held via a face-to-face Zoom video calls, group phone calls, or group messenger chats such as WhatsApp. Staying in touch through digital communication will help staff working remotely from home to feel more connected.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks tend to be more spontaneous such as passing by your colleague’s office or desk having a quick chat and coffee. Taking short coffee breaks has been proven to be effective for boosting employee productivity and engagement. You should implement a short virtual coffee break through a video call where your staff members come together for a chat and a coffee while on their 15 minutes break. Schedule the breaks at appropriate times once a week or once a day. Something like a Monday morning happy hour or on a Friday afternoon to end the week will make them feel like a real team and motivate them.

Online Team Building

Research shows that including fun in the learning process nurtures a better working environment and cohesion which is important in a competitive marketplace. Online team building can be very effective. Many people prefer online team-building activities as they are more convenient and provide a sense of enjoyment, fun, and togetherness. There are many exciting online games and activities you can use to help staff members build strong connections and to get to know one another. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Summer BBQ Party
  • Summer Virtual Family Days
  • Cocktails and Show
  • Pizza Making Masterclass

Summer BBQ Party

Summer is around the corner and what a better way to enjoy the sunshine than an outdoor corporate virtual summer BBQ party. With thanks to modern technology and the convenience of virtual at home, everyone can enjoy it. Set a time so everyone can be aware, ready, and prepared for the summer corporate party of the year. Everything can be set up through a virtual online platform. Virtual BBQ background pictures can add a little fun to your Zoom chat. BBQ home cooking kits can be provided for every household that is attending the event. Keep your staff entertained and engaged by cooking up quality BBQ food that everyone will enjoy.

Corporate Summer Party Virtual Event

Summer Virtual Family Days

Get your family engaged, upbeat, and interactive with online family entertainment. A collective entertainment show in which everyone can win. Summer virtual family days are easy to access and family-friendly, these are the ideal events and perfect activities to challenge colleagues and their families and to ensure inclusion and interaction in a positive and fun way while working from home. There are online entertainment ideas provided by Fusion Events for every family to enjoy

Online entertainment ideas:

  • Family quiz
  • Tik-Tok style format
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Guess the dance style
  • Sing along session
  • Magic for all
  • Mad professor science show
  • Awards ceremony at the end of the event
  • Family arts and crafts (includes care pack)
  • Balloon modelling (includes care pack)
  • Arts and crafts story time (2-5 yrs)
  • Dancing with the stars

Each family will receive a care pack in the post prior to the event. The pack includes learning magic, arts and crafts, balloon modelling, and much more. Access the show through a secure password protected connection. The event runs from 90 minutes up to 2 hours. You can move from the main room and sub rooms throughout the event to achieve the best experience possible.

Girl singing at Virtually Talented Online Team Event

Cocktails and Show

Plan the ideal corporate event for your staff with a fun cocktail and show party. This event is designed to encourage interaction between colleagues and friends. This event includes cocktail kits with 2 types of cocktails available which are delivered straight to your door. You get to choose from some of the most popular summer shows, these include online music bingo, Digi quiz game show, and a night at the races. Enjoy a beautiful cocktail and a fabulous show in the comfort of your own home. You can also upgrade your show and cocktail experience by adding bonus interactive live games, TV quality production, brand the show with your logo, and choose a live comedy character host from pundit Paddy Jameson, drag queen Carrie DeWay, and lots of seasonal characters.

Online Cocktail Making Virtual Parties

Encourage Health and Wellness

Your employee’s motivation at work depends a lot on their mental and physical health and well-being. Keeping your staff in good health should be a priority. If your employees are not in good health, then they won’t be able to perform to the best of their ability. Employee engagement activities will encourage colleagues to take on physical challenges as a team. This produces a positive shared experience and immerses people into a sense of physical play that can encourage creative thinking. Incorporate a wellness application through technology for physical wellbeing. Create an incentive for your staff to get outside, exercise, cook a healthy meal, and create a healthier lifestyle. You could start up a group exercise and fitness class with an instructor with an option of their own choices such as Yoga and Pilates. A weekly regular session will add a new dimension to your virtual team-building experience. This will not only support your staff’s health but will also bring them closer together and it will show that you as an employer care about their health and wellness.

Encourage Online Training and Turn it into a Virtual Team Building Activity

Skill building and upskilling is an important aspect of any type of career growth. It is advised that employers invest in an online training and learning platform where employees can have a choice in what they need to upskill and improve on for their workplace. One of the top seeking criteria for employees in the workplace is professional and personal development. They love to be in a job that helps them improve and learn new skills and grow as individuals. When a company promotes learning amongst its staff members, it will instinctively keep them engaged and motivated. You could also encourage employees to take up non-work-related training such as learning to play an instrument or creative arts.

Turn their new skills into a virtual team-building activity by asking them to take turns hosting a learning session between them. This could involve a book club-style approach, where each employee recommends a course from the online training program and all employees can meet online to discuss and share their views on each course. Knowledge sharing positively and significantly affects employee engagement. It enables them to grow as a person and as a group, therefore, driving innovation and productivity.

BrianMay 5, 2021