4 Tips on Planning Virtual Team Building Activities

Team building activities are prominent in bringing out the best of every employee and drive more productivity. As employees are working continuously from their homes and undergoing tight deadlines, taking some time off and playing team-building activities bring a change. 

If you are also planning to organize virtual team-building activities in your company, then we have you covered. In this post, we will check out quick tips on playing these virtual games and get the best out of every activity. 

Decide timeline mutually

You need to understand that as people are working remotely, their schedules are not the same anymore. To ensure maximum employee participation in virtual activities, you need to plan the activities in advance after asking for suitable time from the employees.

A small internal survey can do this job with perfection and you can have an idea about the preferable time. 

In the survey, you can suggest 3-4 time slots and let the employees pick their suitable time. The time slot that gets maximum votes, pick it up and organize the event. 

Have a budget

Before drafting the timeline and activities schedule for the day, it’s important to consider your budget and then plan things accordingly. You need to think in advance if there are any props needed for the activities. And if they are needed, who will fund those.

You should plan this thing in advance to plan the event seamlessly. 

You don’t need a big budget to organize the event, but for buying gifts for winners, buying props, and other important things, you should have a budget approved by the company. 

What you want to achieve

The purpose of team building activities should be clear to you, otherwise, there should not be many benefits of organizing it. It’s vital that you know what you want to achieve because you are going to put many hours into the preparation.

Do some brainstorming and then decide the purpose, observe which is the one major problem that your company and employees are facing. 

Once you finalize this, it will become easier for you to decide on activities and programs that you are going to organize. 

Check the tools needed

The last but most important thing is that you need to ensure that all employees that are going to participate in virtual activities have the needful tool. Be it online gaming platforms, video conferencing, or other tools, make sure you install all this software on everyone’s system.

Ask your IT team to do this so that it will save you a lot of time. 

Along with this, check whether all tools are working fine and check them all before the actual event begins. This will ensure that the event becomes successful and memorable as you need. 

Final thoughts

These are the most effective and easy-to-follow tips that you can follow while planning virtual team-building activities. Get your team together and bring out the best and fun moments for your team members.

>> Get started now and make the event memorable for everyone.