What are the Well-Being Benefits of Team Building Events?


The truth is, we all love to play. Children and adults alike deserve to blow off steam by engaging in something fun, an activity that focuses on something other than our hectic, busy lives. Many studies have shown that engaging in fun, playful activities has many benefits to our memory and emotional well-being.

When it comes to the corporate world, we can get caught up in deadlines, meetings and stressful responsibilities rather quickly, leaving our emotional well-being on the sideline. But, if we engage in regular, playful activities that stimulate our brains in another way, not only do we feel de-stressed and happier, but we also become better workers. By taking part in fun team building activities, we give ourselves a break from the everyday pressures of our job and become more productive in the meantime. 

So, if you are considering organising a team-building event in hopes of fostering inclusion, productivity and an overall happy workplace, let’s first look at some of the great well-being benefits of team building events.


Developing Personal Skills

Improving your personal skills can help you in both your professional and personal life. Team building helps you develop these skills, allowing you to be a better coworker and friend. Here are some examples of personal skills that can be developed through team building:


Team members work together to communicate effectively. This skill is essential for being able to collaborate with others on projects at work, as well as being able to discuss ideas with friends or family members after work hours.

Interpersonal Relationships

Teams learn how to better relate with one another so that they’re comfortable working together as a group rather than just by themselves. This also includes learning how to resolve conflicts between team members without making others feel uncomfortable or judged by their peers (and vice versa).

Problem Solving

Creating solutions through problem-solving makes sure everyone involved has been heard while also ensuring everyone’s needs are met within whatever project was undertaken by the group before coming up with ideas together about how best to solve those problems – even if what works best doesn’t come directly from everyone else involved!

Optional Idea:

Why not put your team to the test with TetraZone Team Challenge? This high-energy challenge will test the competitor’s agility, mental ability, speed, problem solving and responsiveness. It is the perfect team building activity to develop skills as well as have endless laughs on the way.


Learning About Personality Types

No one can deny the benefit of learning about personality types. Knowing how you and your colleagues function, as well as understanding the ways in which they differ from each other can make your team more effective and efficient.

There are many theories on personality type, but one of the most popular comes from Carl Jung who proposed that there are four main types: introverted or extroverted; sensing (taking in information), intuitive (perceiving patterns), thinking (logical reasoning) or feeling (making decisions based on emotions); perceiving or judging. As we all have elements of these different groups within us, every person is capable of working with a variety of personality types effectively.

This understanding can be valuable when working with colleagues; knowing what makes them tick will help you communicate with them effectively and understand why they may behave differently from others at times. And what better way to figure out personality types than by taking part in a fun, engaging team building activity!?

Optional Idea:

What is a better way to learn about your co-workers than working together to crack codes, solve puzzles and blow open the casino safe without getting caught? The Big Escape will put your team to the test as they channel their inner criminal mastermind. The team-building event requires outside-of-the-box thinking and results in a lot of fun. 


Getting a Fresh Perspective on Team Roles

Team building events are a great way to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. While you may already know that Steve is the best at organising group projects, or that Karen is great at brainstorming ideas, there may be other things that you didn’t realise your coworkers were good at.

Another benefit of team building events is getting to know each other better as people rather than just coworkers who only interact with each other in meetings or one-on-one emails. This helps build trust between coworkers which makes it easier for them to share their ideas on how they could improve the company together as well.

Optional Idea:

Let your team show off their ultimate poker face with our Texas Holdem Poker Night. This is a fun, competitive event and has the same professionalism that is found at the Irish Open Poker Championship and the World Series of Poker, so poker enthusiasts will love this team building event. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to figure out co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses while trying to take home the top prize.


Building Trust in Teams

Speaking of trust, this is essential to teamwork and success. Without trust, a team cannot be truly effective and will likely fail to reach its goals or even worse, be toxic to itself or others. Trust can be built both before and during the team building event by using activities that encourage an open exchange of ideas, taking time to discuss each person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as establishing clear roles for each member of your team. 

Optional Idea:

Have you heard of Krypton Factor? This unique, exciting team-building event is a physical and cerebral challenge, designed to encourage individual abilities to complement team competency and build trust. Our Krypton Factor events are tailored to your bespoke needs, so whether you are looking for an hour to let your team blow off steam or an ice-breaker event for new starters, we can create something worth remembering for your team. Our Krypton Factor events can include everything from Maze Trap, Tower of Babylon, and Tower of Hanoi to Spiders Web ​and much more.



We hope this article has given you some insight into the many benefits of team-building events and the importance of play as an adult. Team building events are not just for fun—they can also boost company morale, help employees develop new skills, and encourage them to communicate more effectively with one another. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities when they come along! 

Contact us today and let’s get started on organising a fun activity that will stand out to your team in more ways than one.