How to run outdoor team events after lockdown?

The pandemic has been an eye-opener, and after weeks and months of lockdown, Ireland is finally opening up to embrace the new normal. In the aftermath of Covid, the government has permitted indoor and outdoor venues to take place by lifting the restrictions. While the events industry has welcomed the ease of restrictions, appropriate measures need to be in place to ensure participants’ safety and well-being.

Here is a short guide for outdoor staff event planning amidst the easing of the lockdown.

1. Following safety rules
The virus is still around and may exist for years to come. Event organizers and corporate planners need to understand that proactive safety management at the venue is the best way to ensure well-being for all.

Hence, they need to take measures:

  • Venues need to be extra spacious. Social distancing norms need to exist, which is why outdoor events need to be organized at bigger venues to incorporate extra space for social distancing
  • Sanitization is an important aspect. Pre-event, post-event, during the event, professional sanitization agencies need to be hired for deep cleaning in compliance with the governments’ cleaning in non-healthcare settings.
  • Fixing signages at relevant places keeps reminding participants about the need for personal hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing their hands regularly.
  • Bathrooms and hand-washing facilities should be within easy reach. Event planners need to ensure that running water, soap, and sanitizers are properly installed at the venue.
  • Around bars and buffet counters, proper distances need to be maintained to keep social distancing in mind. Hence, signages, floor markings, and manual supervision need to play important roles.
  • Wearing masks has become the new normal. Organizers need to address the same by making mandatory rules-to-follow at the venue.
  • Organizers need to ensure that they develop Covid safe event ideas for maximum enjoyment amidst safety protocols.

2. Corporate events are fun – ensuring the same.
The entire purpose of staff event planning is to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and personal engagements. If your event fails to do so, the entire purpose is lost. The onus is on event organizers to come up with surprise-filled corporate event ideas.

Some fun-filled event ideas are:

  • Team Treasure Hunt – when the challenge is to keep participants involved and maintain social distancing, treasure hunts in small-sized teams can be a great idea. The tempo can be raised with riddles, puzzles, Q&As, hidden clues, etc.
  • Carnival Team Challenge – the setup is a carnival theme with competitive games that require teams to play against one another. It is enthralling with some interesting games like Dart A Card, Hoopla, Football Hotshot, Rifle Range, Smash A Can, and more.
  • Old School Sports Day – an effective ice-breaker, participants are reminded of their school days with energetic sporting events. Teams can be formed, and individuals can bring their fierce competitive spirit to the table. Challenges like sack race, skipping, egg and spoon can be organized.

3. Hire an event planner
One of the best ways for staff event planning in post-Covid is to hire a professional organizer. They would ensure that the event is organized in compliance with the Covid-specific regulations.

As life gets back to normal, corporate events will become the centre of focus for reinforcing organizational culture and goals. For a stress-free event with seamless execution, organizations must hire experts like Fusion Events.

Download the event guide for more information.

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