Creative App Challenge

Creative App Challenge

A 21st century take on a traditional team quiz, this fun app-based challenge will spice up any corporate event.

Race to find answers, work with props and other teams to gain the highest score.

With rounds such as “Camera”, “Replication,” “Ireland”, “Random”, “Riddles” and “Music” – there’s plenty of cerebral, witty and physical challenges to keep all tastes and expertise entertained.​

How It Works

  • Teams receive pre programmed Tablet with App and are briefed ​
  • Images with secret codes are strategically placed around venue.​
  • Teams input any discovered code into their tablet. ​
  • A correct code opens up a set of fun team challenges ​
  • Complete the challenges to win ​

Best Booked for

  • Team Building
  • Corporate Events​
  • Experiential Events ​
  • Private Events​
  • Meeting Ice Breaker​

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