Team CSI

Team CSI

An interactive team activity, which challenges your group to act as detectives, solving clues and completing challenges​

Meet some compelling characters before a horrific crime is committed!! Your Team must decide who is dubious or otherwise to identify the culprit and exonerate the innocent!

Track down and interact with associates of the deceased and using information they pass on and crime scene evidence, determine motives, formulate theories and point the finger! But who can you trust?

How it Works

Your group is met by our ‘Gardai’ explaining a body has been found under suspicious circumstances.

Using forensic techniques you’ll scan, then analyse the crime scene.

Piece together the evidence and interview the suspects to learn the sequence of events and identify the Killer!​

Best Booked for

  • Team Building
  • Corporate Events​
  • Experiential Events ​
  • Private Events​
  • Meeting Ice Breaker​

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