5 Ways to Create a Strong Team Collaboration Culture

A recent Gallup study has shown that stress among the world’s billions of workers is at an all-time high. Because of this, many employers are looking at ways they can increase the happiness and satisfaction of their coworkers. One of the best ways to make work less stressful is with fun and enjoyable team-building events!

If you’ve been looking for team-building ideas, we have you covered. Read on for five great events to use for your corporate team-building efforts.

1. Wacky Olympics

Sometimes all anyone wants is to go back to a childhood playground and enjoy another field day. With events like the Wacky Olympics, your team can!

Wacky Olympics are a competitive and fun way to build teams. You can separate your coworkers by department, teams, or any way you can imagine.

Pitting these teams against each other in silly and competitive games can help build a workplace culture of friendly competition.

2. Table Top Escape Rooms

The Wacky Olympics are fun, but some worry that physically-minded challenges raise accessibility concerns. In that case, tabletop escape rooms are one of the best options for your team!

Table-top escape rooms are based on full-room escape rooms that have become wildly popular in the last decade. These strategic puzzle-based activities will help your employees work together towards the objective. The skills they learn here will quickly carry into the workplace.

3. TetraZone Team Challenge

The TetraZone Team Challenge isn’t a single challenge. Rather, you’ll have a full selection of games for your teams to complete together. Tower Block, Balance Rail, and Speed Tunnel are some of the most popular, with eight games available!

No matter which games you pick, your team is sure to enjoy themselves. It’s a great way to spruce up a corporate event with more than professional lectures so your team can remember it fondly.

4. Carnival Team Challenges

If you want to head outdoors, the Carnival team challenges are a great substitution for the Tetrazone team challenges! With ten games to choose from, you can throw a mini-carnival for your employees.

Not only is this a great way to build teams, but it’ll also raise employee morale as a whole. Your workforce will feel valued and important that your company felt their enjoyment was worth throwing a whole carnival!

5. Group Treasure Hunt

What better way to get out of the office than with a group treasure hunt? For this game, your employees separate into teams and get given a laminated map with numbered locations. Everyone scatters in the search for treasures and returns at the end to see who won!

It’s a great way to foster competition and get out of the office for a day. Your employees will grow closer by working together to compete against their friends in these corporate team events. 

Using Team-Building Ideas

These five team-building ideas are certain to help raise satisfaction and camaraderie among your workforce. Whether you’re staying in the office for some tabletop escape rooms or scattering for a treasure hunter, your employees will have a blast!

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